c Why Chinese Learn Arabic? ~ ديداكتيك علوم الحياة والأرض Why Chinese Learn Arabic?

Why Chinese Learn Arabic?

Why Chinese Learn Arabic?

Questions for Chinese about Arabic language  - Answer
Zhang : At first ,  I thought the arabic wordl is a very mysterious world.
Li : Arabic is an ancient language ,It is interesting to larn it.
Liu : Because not so many peaople study Arabic , I wanted to learn it.
Wang : Chinese think that , there are not many people using Arabic,but that’s simply not true , Arabic is one of the six UN working languages, three hundred million Arabs use it , as native language all around the world.And more than one billio Muslims use it as a religious language.
Zhang  : It’s hard,very hard.
Li : Terrible , It’s very difficult at the beginning , The are more letters than other languages.
Liu : It’s hard to begin , but easy once you’re going.
What are some common misconceptions people have about Arab countries ?
Wang : Oil tycoons.
Zhang : Conservative.
Li : Some live in poverty.
Liu : A bad climate.
Wang : not suitable for living.
Zhang : People there,maybe thy’re in battles all the time.
Li  : Actually, there are splendid civilizations.
Liu : Lebanon is always in conflit according to the news. But if you’re there, you’ll see it’s very multicultural.
Wang : It’s actually peaceful when you really got there,and it’s really really beautiful scenery  and people are very kind.
Zhang : Most Arab people love peace.
Li : They have strong faith in their spirit.
Liu : We need to go deep and to learn more from them.
Wang : There are big differences between different Arab countries , In the minds of the chinese people the rab world is a single concept but is not simple it has richness and diversity.
Do you have anything to recommend about the Arabe culture ?

Zhang : I think i like the Arabic literature very much , I like the works from Gibran that we all know and Naguib Mahfouz , Who is the Only Nobel literature prize winner from ana Arabic country.
Zhang : I would like to recommend the poems by Adonis they are very beautiful if you read them in Arabic.
Li : I prefer the Arabic music and i know it’s very diefferent from the music that we are listening to every day.
Liu : I really like the songs from the Ara countries , for their melody and strong rhytms, the Arabic music makes you want to dance.


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